Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Heart vs Head

I have two dream cars. I can't afford either of them any time soon but I like them fore very different reasons.

My head says a small, electric car would be great. I could enjoy not having road tax or congestion charges as well as knowing I'm not contributing to carbon emissions when I drive. So the Smart EV sounds like the perfect car.

On the other hand I dream of living in the middle of the countryside and driving around off road in a Land Rover. They're built like Mechano sets so you can fix them yourself almost always and they're good for taking lots of people somewhere- so if you want to car share you can fit lots of people in!
But it does use lots of fuel and unless you are driving off road lots it's hard to justify it as necessary.

So, it comes down to head or heart. Do you go for the car which is better for the environment, does everything you need it to and probably saves money or the one which looks cool, can be fixed easily but you don't really need. I'll have quite a while to think this through before I can afford either though.

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  1. Perhaps this will help your decision