Friday, 4 May 2012

Rise and Shine

When I think of 4.30am I think of silence and darkness. But that's not what I found when I woke up and couldn't sleep a few nights ago. It was just getting light and the air was filled with bird song. It's amazing how noisy it can be when almost everyone's sleeping. I couldn't really identify any particular species but it was lovely to hear so many birds around. Since we only normally see sparrows it's good to know that there are others out there.

I've met lots of people who have been out on dawn chorus walks this week. They all said how good it was. I haven't been on one yet this year, but my sleepless night is tempting to me. Maybe I'll get out early in the next few weeks to be up with the lark and listening to the birds wake up, that is if I can resist the warmth of my own bed.


  1. 04.21 the blackbirds started this morning
    - why oh why was I awake? But I'm glad I heard it.
    International Dawn Chorus Day is tomorrow morning jsut don't tell the birds they'll be singing for many more mornings after that.
    Always worth a listen, one of the finest natural sounds the world has to offer.



    1. I thought International Dawn Chorus Day was Sunday.

  2. You are invited to join our Dawn Chorus on Cuerden Valley Park on Sunday. We start at 0500 ( yes five o clock) and end with some butties and a hot drink