Sunday, 11 March 2012

14 Days Later...

Well it's the last day of Fairtrade Fortnight. After 14 days of global promotion, events, stalls, talks, purchases and donations the message of the fair trade movement has been spread even further across the world and into our local communities. Thousands of people have got involved, whether it's celebrities, school children or office workers we've all made a difference and taken a step for Fairtrade.

Looking at the Fairtrade website it's amazing to see all the different steps people and groups have been making over the past two weeks. Human vending machines, concerts, school research projects and lots more have helped to educate people about the reasons why fair trade is so fantastic, as it protects the environment, producers rights to a fair wage and the communities around the world that they live in.

This Fairtrade Fortnight I challenged myself more than normal. Each day I've learnt about a new Fairtrade product and how it helps farmers, craft people or miners, and how the Fairtrade premium from these products helps the environment and communities. I also learnt a lot about where some of my staple products come from and the brilliant companies that are changing the way industry thinks about trading and producing.
I've also bought 14 Fairtrade products, one for each day. Here's a quick recap:
  1. 99 Tea from the Co-op
  2. Cadbury's Dairy Milk bar
  3. Tate and Lyle Caster Sugar
  4. Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate
  5. Bananas from my Riverford veg box
  6. Ubuntu Cola from the students union shop
  7. Red wine from South Africa from the Co-op
  8. Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream
  9.  Co-op Orange and Spice Dark Chocolate
  10. Bananas from Co-op 
  11. Brown Rice from Sainsbury's
  12. Brown Sugar from Saisnbury's
  13. T-shirt from Sainsbury's
  14. And my buy today was two pairs of earrings from Manumit in their Fairtrade Fortnight sale. 
Not bad as I only repeat bought one thing, and the bananas were really yummy! I've really enjoyed finding new products to buy, and it's made me think about how I shop a bit more which is good.  I'll definitely try to buy my rice from Sainsbury's more often now, and I will look out for Fairtrade cola and clothes.

According to the Fairtrade website there have been over 39,000 steps taken for Fairtrade this fortnight, which is fantastic. They are aiming for 1,500,000 steps by the end of the campaign, so if you haven't added yours don't forget to, and if you haven't taken a step do it now! It might be one small step for you, like buying a Fairtrade chocolate bar, but together we'll be taking a huge step towards a Fairer world.

I hope you've enjoyed my Fairtrade blogs. Next week back to normal trying to find ways to green my life and exploring green issues. But just because it's over don't forget to keep buying Fairtrade products, shopping's always better with that ethical feel good factor!

Finally, if nothing else, go and Like the Fairtrade Facebook page and Follow them on Twitter, grow the revolution and join in the fun.

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