Thursday, 29 March 2012

Filling the cupboards

After what seems like ages (but is probably only a month) I've got a new veg box and another meat box

I'm always happiest with a full kitchen and I'm looking forward to spending at least some of the weekend cooking up meals to freeze for later on.

In my veg box this week there are

  • Potatoes UK
  • Carrots UK
  • Onions UK
  • Purple Sprouting Broccoli UK
  • Salad Pack IT/UK 
  • Mushrooms UK
  • Butternut Squash ZA
With the hot weather continuing I'm looking forward to that salad pack and I'm pleased that everything is UK grown except the salad (Italy and UK) and the squash (South Africa). As well as my normal apples and bananas I've also got some peppers which have been shipped in from Spain or Italy as this has a lower carbon footprint than growing them in heated greenhouses here in the UK. I always forget that UK grown doesn't always mean the greenest option.

To go with all these lovely greens I've got some nice meat too. Rather than a set box I've picked a few essentials to make big bulk meals with ready for the freezer and then easy dinners later on. The meat I chose was:
  • 350g beef cubed steak (This was great as a stew last time and made so many meals!)
  • 350g bacon
  • 300g diced chicken
  • 4 lamb and mint burgers (I'm hopeful for more bbq weather)
  • 450g chipolatas (Great with everything, bread, pasta, rice or potatoes)
Like normal this should last two of us two to three weeks and we'll buy essentials like milk, cheese and bread as well. But for just over £40 and delivery free that's not bad for a completely organic almost all UK grown full larder. 

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