Friday, 16 March 2012

Is It Spring Yet?

We're halfway through March now and it's still feeling quite cold and wet in Preston. But even with the rain and clouds we're well into the start of spring.

Snowdrops are almost done and the road verges are full of daffodils and crocuses. There are loads of different types of daffodils around and it's lovely to have some flowering early and some only just opening up now. I'm heading down south this weekend and I'm sure the flowers will be well ahead of those up here. Spring travels at about 16 miles a day apparently, so I should be seeing flowers almost two weeks ahead of where they are now this weekend-exciting! I always forget how long spring and autumn are. From February onwards you're noticing signs of changing seasons and you keep finding new things until late May and early June! There aren't many lambs here yet (although I have seen a few) and sparrow chicks probably won't turn up for another few months but these are important signs of spring too-it's not all about flowers!

The canal is beginning to look more spring-like as well with green shoots on trees and coming up from the soil, it'll still be a while before we've shaken winter off completely though.

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