Friday, 30 March 2012

Hot Air

We don't have a tumble drier in our house and it's the first time I've ever not had one.  Tumble driers aren't essential, but it's one of those little things that makes life a bit easier. A much greener option is to dry clothes outside or inside on hangers or lines. At university I tried very hard to dry my clothes this way, but there are only so many places you can hang t-shirts, jumpers and trousers in a room, and there's very little space left to sleep or work once you've used them all. So instead I made sure I waited until I had big loads, or shared a drier with friends, so that we saved money and electricity. 

Now, without a drier as a back up for those moments when you really need that top dry right now, I plan my washing much further in advance. In winter it takes a few days for things to dry inside so you have to keep up with what needs to be clean next week, not tomorrow.  This winter where the drying rack lives has changed almost every day in our house. Sometimes by the radiator in the living room behind the sofa (but not when people come round as it takes up too much room), sometimes by the front door (again not when anyone might want to go out or come in), sometimes it's in the kitchen (but not when we need to move around to cook) and sometimes it ends up in the bedroom (but not often as then the room gets all damp and clammy).

 Because of all this you'll understand why the first week I can dry clothes outside is quite so exciting. I've had clothes on the line every day and they're dry in only a few hours. This, more than anything else, is why I am loving the hot sunny weather this week. 

It's not just me that's enjoying the sunshine either. For the first time ever yesterday I saw blackbirds in our yard, taking our garden bird species up to two. There have also been lots of hoverflies, bees and other insects flying across the walls. With the new season finally here suddenly everyone is very busy buzzing around and looking for food. It's great. Hopefully this weekend I'll make it down to the canal (I haven't been in weeks!) and see how spring is coming along there too.


  1. I read somewhere that if Americans were allowed to dry laundry outside (apparently in many parts of the US they're not)their nuclear power stations could be turned off. - don't know how true that is but it could be feasible.
    Make sure there's plenty of ventilation if drying indoors to prevent damp accumulating but if the windows are open then there's heat leaking too. - hard being green innit!



  2. I just had to buy a new clothes line for our garden. I don't think we have ever had an electric drier. I sometimes tell people that we have a nuclear one, and then remind them it is the sun.

  3. Both brilliant comments! Thanks for those thoughts.

    Drying inside is tricky Davo! But even with the clouds today we've managed to get some things dry outside. I'm determined to keep drying outside now the weathers warmer, but that all depends on Preston's weather!

    Twintal, good point! I might use the nuclear drier comment with friends in the future.