Sunday, 4 March 2012

Songs Anew

Over the last 50 years farmland birds have seen a steep decline in this country, and one bird in particular is often cited as an obvious example, the skylark. Since the early 80s the UK population has more than halved, loosing over one and a half million pairs. This staggering loss is mainly due to changes in farming practices and the loss of breeding habitat.

I've grown up hearing adults say how they miss hearing the song of the skylark but I can probably count on one hand the number of times I remember hearing or seeing these birds. But times are a-changing once more, and skylarks are on the up in most areas of the country. This is great news and at least partly due to the skylark plot initiative from the RSPB which allows small patches of suitable breeding ground in large fields. As we got out of the car at Brockholes today the air was filled with the song of skylards, and we saw 5 or 6 flying around. It was brilliant to see so many of them and of the three twenty-something's out for our walk none of us had ever seen so many, or so close before. A brilliant wildlife moment, even if it's not so exciting for the older generation.

Fairtrade product of the day was some lovely Fairtrade wine from co-op, to go with our Sunday roast. They're beginning to think I only ever buy Fairtrade things - I wish!

Coming later today: a blog all about Fairtrade jewellery!


  1. I've enjoyed Fairtrade Co-op wine before - very tasty! It's good to see Co-op offering 20% off Fairtrade products - but does this apply to price paid?

    1. I don't think so. I would presume that the co-op will have a set and agreed upon price with the producers that is paid before the sale to individual shops. Then any promotional reductions will just result in a cut in profit, but as with any promotion the aim is to increase sales so maybe they make it back up in more sales overall. But I don't know for sure, I'll try to find out before the end of the Fortnight. Good question though and thanks for the comment!