Sunday, 4 March 2012

Beautifully Fair

As we saw with clothes yesterday there's more to Fairtrade than just food and drink. Over the last few years the range of Fairtrade jewellery has exploded both in variety of styles and in price range. If you want a Fairtrade wedding ring, you can get it, or just a few pairs of earrings for stocking Christmas presents for a couple of pounds.

The story of how Fairtrade certification is helping is similar for all producers. A fair wage, more security and a helping hand with developing the local community. It's important to remember that this helps both farmers and those people who make a living by creating items, such as jewellery, who need secure buyers to continue their livelihoods.

So instead of a case study telling you about a particular farm or co-operative here's a selection of the lovely Fairtrade jewellery that's out there. Be tempted and buy some, you'll feel great every time you wear it and, trust me, you won't be able to stop yourself telling everyone it's Fairtrade too!

Fair Trade crochet silver flower necklace     
Oxfam £29.99  bit expensive but so lovely too!
Traidcraft £4.00 great way to brighten up an outfit.

Limited Edition - Fairtrade Fortnight Bracelet main image
Made £10.00 limited edition Fairtrade Fortnight bracelet.
Specially designed for 2012.
Temple Beads Earrings A
Just Trade £6.00

C264 Vintage teal & cream flower bead earrings - Click Image to Close
Manumit £3.00 complete bargain!


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