Thursday, 15 March 2012

A Good News Story

A good news story for birds of prey today. The number of poisoning incidents in Scotland last year that involved birds of prey fell by more than half last year. This is brilliant news as the less illegal killing there is the better
In 2011 there were 10 poisoning incidents which results in 16 dead birds, compared to 22 incidents and 28 deaths the previous year. This is a welcome decline but still more is needed. Hopefully this is the start of a downward trend in illegal killings of our brilliant wildlife.
The record high in bird poisoning was back in 2006 with 34 deaths, this new figure from 2011 is more than a 50% drop and a drop of 42% from 2010. The fall has also occurred during a time when the Scottish science laboratories were testing more intensively than normal, so the results really should reflect the actual facts on the ground and in the fields.
This news is brilliant, but it's still important to remember that there are people who should be protecting nature who are actually harming it. Seven buzzards, four red kites and a golden eagle were among the deaths in 2011, lets hope the numbers keep going down as the RSPB, police, Scottish government and other organisations work together to stop wildlife crime.

Red Kite

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  1. So lucky to be able to see Red Kites above us. Don't think I will ever get over the impulse to stop and watch!