Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Green-y Yellow

On Saturday delegates at the Liberal Democrats Spring Conference  passed a motion expressing regret that a firm commitment to green policies is still not consistently embedded throughout government. They made the commitment to strengthen green policies further and break through Mr Osborne's anti-green stance. 

Their leader is spreading the green message too, mentioning "green" 11 times in his conference speech. He said that:
A sustainable economy, one that protects the environment. Tackling climate change, green jobs for the future, green apprenticeships and a Green Deal to cut energy bills. 
Some say we have to choose between boosting growth and being green. What a load of rubbish. Going for growth means going green. The race is on to lead the world in clean energy. The new economic powerhouses - China, India, Brazil - are competing. 
So the choice for the UK is simple: wake up, or end up playing catch up. Going green is not a luxury for the good times. It is the best road out of the bad times. 
Our party is the green party of government. We have always been a green party. And let me tell you this: we always will be a green party because we need an economy fit for the future to pull us out of this economic downturn.

This sounds brilliant and hopefully shows that at least half of the government realises how central the environment should be to all policies. It doesn't have to be the only factor, but it must be part of the answer.

Mr Clegg is also leading the Uk delegation to the Rio20+ conference in June. I still think it would have been better if we sent our Prime Minister, but at least we're sending someone who understands the issues that need to be discussed!

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