Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Birthday Greens

Being green isn't easy but neither is living with a green obsessive like me! Over the years family, friends and housemates have regularly put up with comments on correct recycling procedures,  refusal to throw things away because "they might be useful later" or "I can make something out of it" and my absent minded turning off of lights, even when people are still in the room. So, on my birthday, I just want to say thank you to everyone who puts up with me!

Even if you're the greenest of green (and I'm certainly not) you can't control other people. So while you might search for that elusive eco-friendly card or proudly wrap a new birthday present with last years paper others might not appreciate the sentiment. When it comes to gifts and birthdays it's important to keep things in perspective. You don't have to spend loads on glitter and plastic covered wrapping paper but unless it's your nearest and dearest who understand your quirks I'd leave the 3rd time used paper in the recycling.

When it comes to receiving presents and cards the same is true. Any gift or card is wonderful to receive and as much as I'm told e-cards are greener, it's just nowhere near as nice. It's interesting to see how eco-friendly cards are creeping into the mainstream. A few years ago I had to really search for any, and they were mostly green and with plants on but now there's a huge range of lovely cards on offer. This year I've had FSC cards from people I'm sure didn't buy them intentionally, but as in previous years I notice some cards from friends which have clearly been searched out to match my love of the environment. Others have been from local artists who promote nature and conservation while a few have been home made. 

My favourite birthday greenness is definitely the decorative wrapping on a nice bottle from friends this year. Made from recycled paper found in the office  it's lovely and can easily be recycled or reused afterwards too! I would put a picture up but the camera wont let me at the moment, hopefully I will alter on. 

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