Thursday, 8 March 2012

Wildlife Crime

The UK is home to the fastest animal in the world, the peregrine falcon. This magnificent creature, like all the UK's birds of prey, are protected by law to ensure they will remain a part of our varied and exciting wildlife in years to come. Even though this protection has been in place for over 50 years now a small minority still insist on ignoring the law and killing these fantastic creatures.

These crimes are not as rare as they should be, which is why the RSPB ran their Bird of Prey campaign a few years ago to promote the issues, but thankfully more and more people are being brought to justice because of this increased publicity.

Yesterday Andrew Hutchinson was fined £350 and told to pay £1,500 to train a new peregrine after being convicted of killing Naph, of the the birds which protects the Scottish parliament building. See here for the full story.

Hopefully, as these prosecutions are publicised widely people will begin to realise that ignoring the law isn't acceptable, and the consequences will be enough to deter people from these cruel acts, often much worse than the shooting in the above case.

A blast from my (not so distant) past today. Having spent 6 months drinking the Co-op's own brand orange juice each morning I'd forgotten the exciting range of Fairtrade fruit juices available. Fruit Passion is a brand that frequents my family home on Sunday mornings and it's a nice reminder that Fairtrade doesn't have to involved chocolate! Fruit Passion has two ranges, orange juice and orange, pineapple and passion fruit juice; both easily meet the Fairtrade certification by being not 1% but 100%  Fairtrade-fantastic.

Another great thing about it is that it is available from lots of main street shops such as Waitrose, Sainsbury's and the Co-op, although not my little Co-op.

My product of the day will hopefully be some Fairtrade fruitjuice from Sainsbury's, but if not I'm going to see what unusual Fairtrade products I can pick up in Sainsbury's as I'm running out of Fairtrade products from our little corner Co-op!

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