Friday, 9 March 2012

And the Results Are In...

Just over a month since the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch and the results are in. Over half a million people took part (another record year for participants-it always seems to be!), with more than 10.2 million birds seen ranging across 70 species. This years big news story is how well small birds are doing after several really harsh winters-a great success story for garden birds!

The sparrow was the most common bird with an average of 4.16 birds seen, however only 64.5% of gardens actually had sparrows. The bird in the most gardens (95.2%) was the blue tit with robin close behind.

There were also some more unusual success stories with Goldcrest and Waxwing having particularly good years. I'm very envious of all the people who saw these as I didn't see either all winter.

With spring edging closer it's tempting to stop putting food out for birds but they definitely need our support still. Cold snaps and lack of wild food can limit the breeding season so it's vital that feeders are kept full and water baths topped up over the next few months.

My Fairtrade buy of the day was some brown sugar from the Sainsbury's own brand Fairtrade range. I'm beginning to think almost all Fairtrade products are bad for me, except the fruit of course!

Check back later for a 24 carat blog on a top of the range Fairtrade product that's changing a whole industry. Can you guess what it is yet? 

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